Thanks to Robin, we sold our home quickly, for top dollar in the worst real estate market in a generation.

“Dear Prospective Client of Robin,

I first met Robin when she was the listing agent for a home I purchased in Glen Ridge in 2005. Even though she was the agent for the sellers, I was impressed by job she did for them, in stark contrast to the job my own agent did for me. When we sold the Glen Ridge house two years later, the market had changed considerably. The credit crisis was in full swing, home prices were plummeting, and homes were sitting on the market for months. A terrible agent can still sell in a great market. I needed a great agent who could sell in a terrible market. Robin turned out to be that great agent.

Robin was one of two agents I invited to write a marketing proposal when we sold. The first agent suggested pricing my home $100,000 higher than Robin’s proposal. 

I needed top dollar for my house, so the first agent seemed like the obvious choice. Luckily for me, I had previous experience with an agent who listed my prior house at an inflated price. She told my husband and me what she felt we wanted to hear to get the listing. 

What we really wanted was an honest assessment so that we could make informed decisions about what we could afford in our next home. Ultimately our house sat for months and we took substantially less than the original asking price. It was without a doubt one of the most stressful periods of our lives, and I vowed to never put myself, or my family, through a similar experience again. I mention all of this because I think it is important for other people to know that working with an agent who only wants to give you “happy talk” can literally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We went with Robin’s pricing strategy because we felt it was appropriate for the realities of the marketplace and because we found her candor rare and refreshing. The house sold in six days with six offers, three of which were significantly above our asking price. We accepted the highest and strongest offer. Our buyer turned out to be rather difficult and to make matters worse we had oil tank issues. Through it all, Robin was great about pushing back on the buyers where appropriate and even bluntly telling me on occasion what I was going to have to do to make the deal happen. I believe that the deal might have fallen through if Robin had not been so skilled of an agent.

Thanks to Robin, we sold our home quickly, for top dollar in the worst real estate market in a generation. She then helped us find a great house in a fabulous neighborhood that we absolutely love. She is for me a trusted advisor and I would never put something as important as our family home in the hands of anyone else.

I wish you the best of luck selling your home.”